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Chamois Cream and Why We Need It

‘Chamois cream’ is something of a taboo subject, even within the cycling community. From experience, it’s rarely discussed and, when it is, conversation moves on swiftly.

We’ve even asked two professionals about their preference. Neither gave very much away. Whether this is due to its personal nature, wanting to keep a ‘secret weapon’ to yourself or, the inverse: a refusal to admit to under-performance of the product, it’s seldom mentioned.That said, it’s something that cyclists hold dear and is always a carefully considered purchase.

A simple online search will allow you to discover the fascinating origins and development of the chamois in cycling legwear, as well as the not-so-pleasant methods used to prevent soreness when on the bike before their invention, but suffice it to say that regular and distance cyclists couldn’t do without their chamois cream. The question is why such a cream is required now that pads themselves are so technologically-advanced.